ROI modeling sales tool

Business cases, as the core artifact in value-based selling, provide a value viewpoint containing just enough data for good-quality decision-making. The ROI development tool that generates business cases is powered by the large library of industry processes and their metrics, reusable modules, best expert assumptions, and Generative AI capability to structure and design top-management consulting firms' quality outputs.

Below are examples of the outputs of the ROI modeling tool we will build for your company and snapshots of reports that can be generated for your sales prospect in minutes by any sales or pre-sales account team member or startup founder involved in sales opportunity:

Customer case with outputs of ROI tool:

VA technology company positioned its IOT Intelligent solution as an asset management process automation solution for a large commercial facility.  5YR Value impact exceeds  $27 mill with 5YR ROI 1000%. Through uplifting conversations with the C-suite, the company is reducing the sales cycle from 14 months of endless solution demonstrations to a 1.5-month time frame. The executive summary was brought to the board level. It was reviewed as an investment case. IVA technology addressed one of the critical and sensitive areas in facility management effectiveness: low compliance and high unplanned work costs.

The two-four page executive report is a reusable template that could be easily customizable with prospective customer-specific data generated by the Business Case composer

Business case designed from the library of industry process benchmarks, templates, best expert assumptions, and AI-generated publicly available data

Process maturity assessment tool and reporting. Assessment of process areas impacted by your technology. Identified gaps you can easily convert into a transformational roadmap.

Top management consulting quality six-slide value sales pitch deck ready to be shared with customer business decision-makers.

We will support you in your sales process

We will help you build Business Case specific to your technology, and your prospect needs the same way as software developers build modern software products in a lean and agile way. The speed comes through prebuilt templates and the construction of "just enough" features to make your final ROI model and report effective. It is very similar to a minimum viable product, that is working and "just enough" for an investor to say: "I want to invest in your technology". 

You will learn with our support how to build top management consulting firm-quality sales collaterals step-by-step, without diving into misleading analysis or "rabbit holes," boiling the ocean," and collecting unnecessary data. 

Please reach us for more detail by scheduling a short call with our consultant: